Office Interior Tips

Dec 11, 2017





We always design the office space with modern office interior trends. you have invested in property with long time profit goal so when you think to design the office each and every inch matters to you.
Focus on the number of employees in the office, how much pantry space you need, how many cabins are required & plan their placements optimally.
Invest in comfortable furniture. Remember, you can cut out on anything but not comfort.

Select the furniture wisely; it should be stylish as well as comfortable. Categorise furniture for employees, conference room and pantry differently.

An office should be well illuminated, mostly by natural light. Smart placement of CFL and LED lights is very necessary in the conference room.

The reception of the office should be very impressive, as it the first thing the people will observe.

Flexibility means, above all, modular, multi-functional furniture and rooms to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s professional world.