But my girlfriend may be the hottest woman I’m sure

But my girlfriend may be the hottest woman I’m sure

“ and so I won’t lust after anyone else! ”

“Once we’re hitched and making love frequently, I’ll stop having temptations. ”

I believe many of these excuses could be trumped by 1 Corinthians 10:12: “Let him whom believes he appears heed that is take he will not fall” (see additionally Prov. 16:18; 18:12; 29:23). The 2nd trump card is learning from history. Too many guys had been just as if you and me personally, thinking they certainly were above urge, and additionally they all dropped.

But examine the logic during these excuses for an additional. Yes your gf might be incredibly stunning. We shall also give that she actually is the sole girl you lust after. But she actually is not at all times likely to look the way she does! Whenever this woman is 40, perhaps also 30 she’s going to not be nearly because attractive as she actually is now. Then just what? Then pretty much every college-age girl will appear to be a far better choice. The grass will extremely quickly be greener on one other (younger) part.

Every day as for the other excuse, you are living in a bubble if you think married couples have sex. Possibly from the beginning while every thing is new–but most couples might only have sexual intercourse a couple of times a week if they’re lucky. While she’s on her period if you are depending on a daily dose of sex to keep under control, how will you tame yourself? (more…)