‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ provides brand new pair of guidelines

‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ provides brand new pair of guidelines

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The Tuesday after Labor Day, Patti Stanger, namesake star of the popular Bravo reality program “The Millionaire Matchmaker, ” was standing in her Marina del Rey, Calif., office — a raw industrial space with red-painted walls and matching red chairs shaped like lips — preparing to douse one of her clients in the cold water of her now-notorious realism on a misty late morning.

“Today we’re planning to do an interior makeover on a lady, ” Ms. Stanger explained, as she forcefully flipped through a problem of lifetime & Style mag searching for an advertising by which she had posed for Sensa, the appetite retardant in charge of her current 25-pound weight-loss.

“She can’t appear to get from A to B, and she constantly listens to my advice and doesn’t get it done, ” Ms. Stanger proceeded concerning the refractory customer, a persnickety woman in her own late-30s whom covers dating advice as an element of Ms. Stanger’s real-life, brick-and-mortar matchmaking business, the Millionaire’s Club, by that the show is dependent. “Today’s likely to be love that is tough her, ” Ms. Stanger stated. “She has to straighten her locks, for example. She can’t get arrested along with her rat’s nest. ”

As soon as the customer arrived, she perched using one regarding the lip seats to attend while Ms. Stanger offered a phone meeting. Dressed up in flared jeans and brown wedge footwear, the customer projected a ’70s vibe, enhanced by her locks, scores of crazy dirty-blond curls, and undermined by her French-manicured toenails. Following a testy change about her hair — “Is it working out for you, the frizzy hair? ” Ms. Stanger queried — the lady stated her intimate life had been “abysmal. ” Ms. Stanger dug in.

“What have you been doing to attract males? ” she asked. (more…)