Corporate Leasing

Commercial property as an asset is only fruitful when it’s hitched in with a long term and stable tenant. At Trueseed, a strategic & proactive leasing approach is the only option available for developers, Investors and HNIs. Although we hold our own inventories across Delhi-NCR, we still welcome developers, investors and HNIs to be part of our ever growing inventory-network that ensures their return on investments are always good figured.

Trueseed holds several accolades in servicing our clients in sector 44 Gurugram and Udyog Vihar, Gurugram where the investor-property owner never had the expertise of leasing, after signing an exclusive agency lease agreement, in less than 90days we got them a 9 years (3+3+3years) lease with initial 3 years as lock in with 15% escalation in rentals every subsequent 3 years. A win-win for all involved.

A win-win for all involved.

Today Trueseed sits on extensive corporate lease acquisition experience of million plus square feet of real estate.

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